Fabulous food last night, such attention to detail, beautiful presentation and delicious, very talented.

The hazelnuts in the tortellini were especially perfect.

Thank you for such amazing food and a nice night in the village! 

G & T

You did such a great job of catering our wedding. Thanks so much to you and your team for your professionalism and your personality.

Nothing is too hard for you guys it seems! Not least that we asked you to cater a former allotment garden, with no road access, no running water and no electricity… and no kitchen! And you did it all without batting an eyelid, and with such good humour and skill.

We wanted a really family event, with no stuffy silver service and with lovely food that made people get to know each other.

C & D

I’d just like to let you know that we were all so impressed with the meal and atmosphere that you provided us with. Some of that coming from three of us who hadn’t stopped or slept after travelling around 4000 miles.

I do hope that I can find the excuse to call upon your services again sometime. 


Just wanted to say that was one of the tastiest meals I’ve had at a Bistro Night – lamb totally delish. Loved the dates.

Chocolate wonderfully decadent. Also, I thought the salmon taster I had was beautiful- really delicately smoked (very impressed when I heard how Jaimie’s lateral thinking had solved the lack of shop-bought wood chips!).

So thank you. 



To have such a delicious supper delivered to the door and presented with a lovely smile was a real treat. All I had to do was heat it and serve.

The food was attractively presented and the aroma of the spices enticing. The quantities were sufficient for us to use the left overs as part of our lunch the following day.” 


Marion B

When you live ‘out in the sticks’ it’s a real treat to have such delicious food delivered to your door.

And there’s never any nasty packaging.

Just  proper home cooked food beautifully presented and always with a smile!


Alison R