..Saturday 1st February. We have tried to cover a large area in five courses so we’re beginning in Japan for our amuse bouche. An egg roll is a slightly sweet savoury omelette flavoured with white soy sauce and mirin that’s been rolled into a distinct shape.

We couldn’t cook this style of menu without including Tom Yam Gung – this Thai soup is hot and fresh and very moreish appetiser to which we add oyster mushrooms and if you like them, prawns and topped with fresh chopped tomatoes and coriander.

After the appetiser we’re serving for a starter is a very generic stir-fry but flavoured with an intense sauce made with fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar (not to be confused with the production of palm oil – different tree). We’re serving this is dry fried tofu or white fish and crunchy vegetables and rice noodles. Please let us know if you do not want fish sauce in your dish.

The mains speak for themselves and are classic dishes that are hard to beat. The Asian greens will hopefully be a spinach-type leaf called Morning Glory which is wilted and stir fried with garlic and sesame oil.

Desserts are quite tricky in this region, in our opinion as they can be very sweet; but you cannot beat the depth of flavour from smoky black sesame in this ice-cream which is made with coconut milk and so handily is dairy and egg-free. The alternative sweet sushi is shaped to look like savoury sushi with fish but is actually dressed with fruit and chocolate sauce as the ‘soy’ and is really delicious.

We couldn’t finish this meal without the very popular Malaysian kopi which is sweet, milk and frothy coffee made with condensed milk. We will also serve green, mint and Ceylon tea with petit four.

We really hope you like this menu. See you then.

Please arrive at 7.15 for a 7.30 service and perhaps you’d like to match your wine or beers with the dishes – especially the mains; there are some very good Asian lagers available.

Please note that, due to popularity, bookings are only confirmed once you have received an email from us.
You will be asked to make a menu choice at least one week prior to the event. You can make a booking by clicking goodgourmet.co.uk.